Ghostwriter Simon Petherick

We have launched a ghostwriting service to enable clients to access the services of ghostwriter Simon Petherick (and potentially other ghostwriters in the future). Please visit to find out more. You can also see an interview on the craft of ghostwriting with Simon conducted by Michael Portillo in November 2022 here:

There are many ways in which a ghostwriting collaboration can be of benefit to those seeking to release their story. Sometimes, a client may wish the ghostwriter to interview them at length and then prepare an entire draft for their approval, leading on hopefully to publication. On other occasions, a client may already have prepared material and may wish to work with a ghostwriter to shape and improve the text so that it stands a better chance of a wider readership.

The overall ghostwriting process has been set down and described here. We like to ensure at all times that clients feel entirely comfortable and in control of the process while being able to access the skills they need to complete their book idea. So we encourage those interested in the first instance to set down as clearly as they can what they want to achieve, what they see as their own role in the process and where they feel they need support.

A successful ghostwriting collaboration is a highly satisfying project for both parties. It is usually a pretty lengthy process, with an average of around six months for a full first draft to be achieved, and it can often result in fascinating and enriching outcomes.

Read an essay from Simon Petherick on ghostwriting here: