About Us

The Word Machine CIC was founded in 2012 and is based in London. We are structured as a Community Interest Company, a social enterprise whose objective is to deliver benefits back into the community by reinvesting profits. We publish books in physical and digital formats. We work on projects with individuals, companies and groups to help bring out stories which otherwise might not see the light of day. We work with people of all ages to offer life and vocational skills and training.


Over the years we have worked on a range of activities, from a major Heritage Lottery-funded oral history of the Blitz in Plymouth to one-to-one training and counselling sessions for individuals wanting to boost their writing skills. We are always interested in exploring new opportunities in all areas connected with stories, storytelling and publication.


We work with film companies, providing a script-reading and assessment service and also offering our own slate of scripts.


We have published books in print, audio and ebook formats and we are able to publish commercially, distributing into major retailers such as Waterstones, Amazon and independent bookshops. These days, with technological advances in so many areas of the publishing infrastructure, it’s no longer necessary to apply to publish with a longstanding commercial publisher. By working with us, you get the very best commercial publishing solutions without having to exhaust yourself by trying to meet the often old-fashioned demands of traditional publishers. We like working with like-minded people. We are able to set up a bespoke publishing service for you which can also include international publishing options.


We’re a very flexible group of people, primarily interested in stories, writing, personal statements, group discussion rather than private commercial gain. Welcome to The Word Machine.