Brave New World

Aldous Huxley’s vision of the future written in the 1930s seems to be getting ever more real, so in the endless battle against the demons of convention and corporatism, we’ve been busy creating our own brave new future for The Word Machine CIC, and we’re really pleased to make an important announcement.

We have now formally joined forces with online monthly arts magazine tribe. We have been fans of the work of Mark Doyle and his colleagues for some time. tribe is a unique production, put out every month, with subscribers all over the world, and featuring innovation in art from every corner of the globe. The website and social media pages are updated pretty much every day, making it a powerful resource for the transmission of information about exciting new work. We’re looking forward to working even more closely with tribe, and we have plenty of plans in place for new products working off the tribe platform, both online and live events. We will be working together to provide an active engagement tool for young people who are looking to develop skills within the worlds of digital publishing and online media. Find out more about tribe here.


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