• More news from the digital frontline

    Invaluable news as ever from the excellent Publishing Perspectives site here. This time they lead us to a fascinating start-up in Berlin, where everyone except me seems to be heading. (They all know things I don’t.) Anyway, here is Dot Dot Dot, which is a new way of accessing, archiving and sharing texts. With some relief, it’s good to read about innovators in publishing who aren’t obsessing about Amazon and pricing, but thinking in new ways about how we all consider texts and share them with each other. As usual, it’s all work in progress, but very interesting. If Spotify can help introduce you to new music with Playlists like this one, then texts could well be spread and shared in similar ways. The Spotify model, of course, is based on absolutely miniscule royalties, but many of today’s musicians seem to accept it as a means of publicity, and at least the principle of the royalty is preserved. How we think about this in relation to a book future where physical is fast disappearing is key.